To unfollow or not to unfollow

Hi everyone,

Do you ever feel obligated to follow someone on social media?

Recently, someone ghosted me and whenever I saw his updates on IG, I had negative feelings. I did not want to continue following his profile. At all. But I didn’t want to seem bitter by unfollowing him, so I sucked it up for a couple of weeks… until I eventually did.

I think we should all try to do this:

Preach. 🙌🙌🙌⠀

📷: @timetologoff
August 19, 2019

The people we let in our lives can affect us for better or worse. That’s a timeless truth. And in today’s age, that includes people we let in our lives through social media. Who cares about your ex-girlfriend’s cute new chihuahua when it only reminds you that you wanted to adopt dogs together? Or why do you need to see that your frenemy was tagged in embarrassing drunk pictures and then be tempted to indulge in schadenfreude (“enjoyment obtained from the troubles of others“)?

Be brave enough to unfollow, or at least mute, people on social media you don’t want to or shouldn’t see on your feed. I promise it will be for the better.


@crystalcamarao (with special thanks to Madi Thomas)


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