Screen Time: Good or Evil?

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I was shocked when I found out I averaged more than 4 hours of smartphone use this week (I used to average less than 3 hours). Then I realized it was because I was texting with a friend a lot, and that I enjoyed our conversations very much.

We all agree less screen time is good for you. But screen time is not the problem itself, is it? It’s our relationship with our gadgets that is.

Meaningful and mindful use is key.⠀

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August 17, 2019

Screen time can also be highly beneficial and empowering if we let it. Don’t allow yourself to feel guilty for laughing at yet another dog video—it makes you laugh, dammit! As long as we’re not addicted, the internet can be a meaningful place.

Millions of people find joy through tech everyday. Don’t worry that you’re using your phone too much if you’re actually having fun using it.


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In defense of screen time

TL;DR: The frenzied backlash regarding screen time for kids is a repeat of similar situations throughout history. “But what is it doing to our children?” is a valid concern that occasionally goes too far. In reality, screens are value neutral, and how you use it counts. 

A Radical Guide to Spending Less Time on Your Phone

TL;DR: Let’s face it, you could use a break from your phone. Changing up a few simple things can help you take back your time and your life. Here’s how to escape the tech trance.


A Behavioral Economist Tries to Fix Email

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Would the Internet Be Healthier Without 'Like' Counts?

TL;DR: Demetrification: The act of taking away likes and other online metrics for the benefit of the social and psychological health of the user. For social media giants, demetrification sounds paradoxical to how they operate, but it’s gaining momentum. From Twitter’s Jack Dorsey publicly questioning the necessity of the like button, to Instagram removing likes in some countries, we may be moving in this direction.


Cold Turkey

Comments: A staple of online communities such as r/nosurf, Cold Turkey is a website and application blocker for those who really want to lock down their computers. If you’ve found other blockers too easy to get around, give Cold Turkey a try.

Details: Free to download on MacOS and Windows; Additional features require a premium subscription

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