Save me, magic rectangle!

After setting up an app blocking application on my phone, it’s pretty much a “no fun allowed” wasteland. Regardless, I still check it often, halfway expecting some magical notification will relieve me of the boredom everyday life entails. At these moments, I realize I am not fully accepting my reality.

November 25, 2019

All I can do when this happens is simply come back to the present, remembering to be kind to myself. 




How to stop looking at your phone

TL;DR: Here’s what to do if checking that glowing screen in your pocket is getting in your way of your IRL existence. Hint: When reaching for your phone, check in with your feelings before you tap.

Breaking My Phone Addiction—Via My Phone

TL;DR: Technology Addicts Anonymous exists... and it's on the internet. Here’s a sneak peek at what happens in their conference calls. 


'The attention economy is in hyperdrive’: how tech shaped the 2010s

TL;DR: Outrage algorithms and internet echo chambers have created a hyper-polarized culture where the other side is the enemy. Now that we know this, we have a choice—how are we going to use tech going forward to preserve our democracy? 

Hitting the Books: Humans are responsible for the antics of our AIs

TL;DR: History repeats itself. With the dawn of AI, which is quickly proliferating human bias, this process is becoming automated. 


Stop using Facebook

Details: In case you need more reasons to stop using Facebook, here’s a handy list.

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