No one's pixel-perfect.

My digital detox is over, and I have unrestricted internet access again. I have gotten distracted on some time wasting sites, but only for a few minutes instead of hours. When it does happen, I gently remind myself of what my intention is for being on my phone, and act accordingly. It's important to avoid criticizing yourself for small mistakes, they're going to happen and it's all part of the process of improving your relationship with tech.

Does technology improve lives? Only when used intentionally.
December 10, 2019




Video game addiction is now being recognized—what happens next

TL;DR: Gaming addiction has been defined as a real disorder, but the controversy over whether this classification helps or harms rages on.

Perfectionism is killing us

TL;DR: Young people are becoming increasingly concerned with perfection. Is social media to blame?


Facebook has a theory that hiding ‘likes’ will increase post volume, and Instagram is testing that theory

TL;DR: Did Instagram hide likes because they suddenly realized gamifying social approval was unethical? Doubt it. Insta says they're making the change to help mitigate bullying, but it could just be another tactic for increasing engagement.

Why everybody is freaking out about political ads on Facebook and Google

TL;DR: There is a lot of chatter around what Facebook, Google, and Twitter are doing about political ads, but what if we’re missing the bigger picture? ‘Organic’ disinformation is much more insidious.

The Ethical Dilemma at the Heart of Big Tech Companies

TL;DR: Big Tech is constantly in the news for concerning ethical practices. This article at the Harvard Business Review highlights what is being done (or not done) to shape the ethics of the future.

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