It's ok to be offline

Hi everyone,

Ever feel like you can’t live without the Internet?

I know I do. We use the Internet for sooo many things that it feels like having no Internet is the end of the world. And yet:

July 25, 2019

Let that sink: It’s okay to be offline. In fact, it’s more than okay!

So much that life has to offer can be enjoyed offline. Sometimes, it can even be only enjoyed offline, like playing sports, eating good food, and spending time with people we care about. We just need to keep remembering that being online is not everything.


@crystalcamarao (with special thanks to Madi Thomas)


The Like Button Ruined the Internet

TL;DR: Today’s internet landscape is all about metrics, and trends like clickbait and hyper-polarizing content have become status quo. So is it time to un-like the like button.

No Moment Can Be Saved For Later

TL;DR: With a camera in our back pocket, we have the compulsion to record everything we can. But is our proclivity toward capturing the moment taking away our ability to live in the moment?


The Dark Side of Techno-Utopianism

TL;DR: The future is here, and it’s no utopia. With every new innovation in human communication, there exists a dream that technology will connect people and improve the world. From the invention of the printing press to the dawn of social media, this has proven only partially true.

Silicon Valley is terrified of California’s privacy law. Good.

TL;DR: Do companies like Amazon suddenly care about privacy or are they just up to their usual tricks? It’s probably not a coincidence that many big companies in Silicon Valley are pushing for federal privacy legislation and that California’s new privacy law is going into effect soon.

How ethics can ease our tech anxiety

TL;DR: We’ve always been skeptical of new technologies, but the rise of big data and artificial intelligence definitely bring up major concerns. With the law working too slow to effectively control how tech is being used, who’s going to step in and ensure we’re using this stuff for good?

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