Do more things that make you...

...forget to check your phone

Hi everyone,

When was the last time you were enjoying what you were doing so much, that you forgot to check your phone? Wasn’t that wonderful?

We get it, you love your smartphone. Who doesn’t?

But sometimes we’re so addicted to our smartphones, it ruins moments for us. When we become mindful and truly present during these moments, instead of rushing to open the next notification, we can be happy and just enjoy the moment.

This week’s challenge is simple: do at least one thing enjoyable for you, and commit to doing it 100%, that you don’t even remember you actually own a smartphone.


@crystalcamarao (with special thanks to Madi Thomas)


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Problem: Smartphone addiction.

Solution: “The Ultimate Mobile Addiction Tracker & Controller”.

Comments: If you want to get a handle on your smartphone obsession, YourHour is fantastic. It tracks your usage and displays everything simply. It also adds a small floating clock to your screen that tracks certain apps, just noticeable enough to make you more mindful about how much time you’re spending.

Details: Available on Android; Free to download; Contains Ads; Offers in-app purchases.