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For many of us, gaming is a serious addiction problem. And like many addictions, it can hinder us from achieving an optimal state of wellbeing.

As an on-off gamer who’s been playing games since I was a kid, the recent release of the Call of Duty mobile game has triggered my addiction. It even led me to start playing Mobile Legends too. One time, I stayed up until the early morning because I just kept on playing, and ended up having a really bad day afterwards. So this is a welcome reminder:

Be mindful and remember that they are precious resources.⠀

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October 26, 2019

If we waste too much time and energy on certain things, we end up losing more than just time and energy. Every single time we launch an app on our phone or computer, we need to make sure it serves our needs—not just our wants. This is particularly true for games.

Play is essential to life. But life is not all about play.


@crystalcamarao (with special thanks to Madi Thomas)


This Is What Happens When You Quit Social Media for 40 Days

TL;DR: Ever thought about opting out of social media entirely? Here’s an article about a girl who did just that- she quit her feeds for 40 days. Turns out taking a break is great for a little perspective shift.

Have smartphones really destroyed a generation? We don’t know.

TL;DR: Gen-Z is growing up in an era where the internet is ubiquitous. It’s easy to jump on the “screens are bad for kids” bandwagon, but the data is not so clear. Various issues plague this type of research, from the inaccuracy of self reporting to the possibility of papers containing cherry picked information. The only conclusion to be made here is that we need to do more, better research going forward. 


Facebook Finally Has a Good Idea

TL;DR: At long last, Mark Zuckerberg is giving up some of his God-like oversight power and creating a Facebook “supreme court.” Moderation has always been a difficult issue for the massive platform, will this new venture help?

Spotify needs to crack down on labels snatching user data

TL;DR: Spotify has earned a reputation is being one of the less creepy big tech companies, but this story shows that isn’t completely the case. Recently, a Sony app integrated with the music app asked for an insane amount of user data. Come on Spotify, you’re supposed to be one of the good guys.



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